Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Monthly Special: 30 Days of Night

From my "State Street" Utah project

No, not the vampire graphic novel/movie, just 30 days about night photography.

Too dark? Not very seasonal?
What about "It came upon a midnight clear," O holy night," Silent night" ? Not that you have to photograph a nativity scene to participate in the monthly special (but you could).

Since I try to do themes each month that will push me (and hopefully inspire you) to try new things or to work on neglected projects, I decided that "night" will help me appreciate the darkness that comes all too early.

Posts I anticipate doing include:
  • something on Brassa├»
  • night seen in black and white
  • night seen in color
  • Christmas lights photos
  • tips for getting decent photos at night without pro equipment
  • other non-night topics such as real-life retouch, photos in a real person's home, etc.
I encourage you to try some night photography, post your results, and give me the link in a comment. I would love to do some posts featuring the work of some of my readers (google analytics tells me there are many of you out there, the lack of blogger comments tells me you are shy? ambivalent?)