Saturday, December 3, 2016

So...Instagram...yeah, side effect of the new iPhone 7

Despite having written a post about Instagram (actually, two, well four) back when a mere 100 million or so people had already discovered the app (so cutting edge), I never bothered to use it. So there goes my chance at life as an "Instagram influencer."

Instead, because I'm really bad at monetization, I spent my Instagram-related energy on writing an  article about the horror movie Sinister and the Instagram aesthetic, and doing a book chapter about the Brownie camera and its relation to Instagram. But use it? No way. Pinterest was all the social media I could handle. But then I got the iPhone 7plus and thought, sure, six years late to the party, perfect. Fashionably late.

So...try not to be jealous, but I have, like, 45 followers, so that basically puts me in Kardashian territory. See, just look at this screenshot:

Taylor Swift is no doubt nervous about my meteoric rise. It's what people are saying. So I hear.

Should you want to follow takeoutphoto on Instagram, go for it. It exists. It's my really lazy way of sort of blogging. Even lazier than tumblr.

I've had a sudden nostalgic resurgence of interest in glitch (see my "Glitch Gothic" chapter in Cinematic Ghosts if you're into that kind of thing). I'm going back through my files from 2009 that were destroyed/hopelessly corrupted by an overconfident IT guy. Thanks, bruh. Out of devastation (and it was pretty devastating at the time to lose both my hard drive and backup) comes the beauty of digital ruins. Sometimes, the pure glitch is beautiful on its own, and sometimes I help it by combining it with black and white. Here's one I did tonight:

(and I put more up for sale on my smugmug site as I do them)

Here's one of my favorites:

But what does this have to do with the new iPhone? Nothing. I started Instagram because I got the cool dual lens iPhone 7 plus, which has a camera good enough to take real pictures with. And instead, I end up working on more photos that I did not take on an iPhone. Go figure. Then, in turn, it put me in the mood to write this blog post. Maybe could happen.

But if it doesn't, hey, there's always my Instagram account.


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Gerald A. McDade said...
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