Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hint for the April Monthly Special

I am really excited about the theme for the April Monthly Special. For some, it will be familiar territory, for others, a chance to push your photography beyond your comfort zone. I took the above photo during my recent trip to Vegas where lines of orange-clad workers sporting "Girls direct to you" t-shirts try to force cards into the hands of passers-by. Here, a competing distributor with an entirely different message looks like his "Repent or Perish" pitch (as seen on the flip side of his t-shirt) might soon be delivered with his fists.

Despite appearances, I actually think that they were engaged in a discussion about where to eat lunch. On a different note, which handout do you think that construction worker chose? I had to magnify the photo about 800% to find out that repentance won out over lust.

So any ideas what the next monthly special is going to be?