Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 free desktop wallpaper photos from Paris

My quest to keep my desktop fresh continues. After combing through my most recent Paris photos, here are eight that might end up on my screen, and yours if you like. They aren't meant to be crowd pleasers. There's no Eiffel Tower or child holding a baguette. Instead, these are a few of my own idiosyncratic choices (you can download any of them from my gallery). I think the size should work on most laptops and will probably still look good on a monitor around 20 inches, but I'm guessing here. And I don't mean the size of the photos in this post. If you want one of the images, you'll need to click on the link to my gallery, view at full size, and then right-click to download from there.

1. graffiti and a camera—two of my favorite things

2. I like to imagine the person who has all of this stuff crammed behind the front windshield of their truck. I'm sure they won't mind if I add to the clutter with a few stray folders.

3. What could be more French than this? It just makes me laugh.

4. The creepy ambiance of this photo pleases my morbid side.

5. From a window display at the Bon Marché during the holidays. I have a thing for letters and typography.

6. From the Vanves flea market. I love flea markets and my son is a cellist, so this is a good one for me.

7. These crates of oh-so-French beverages were sitting at the end of one of the passages that the flâneurs loved so much. I like the graphic nature of the image, but the cigarette butt in the foreground is the cherry on top.

8. I find this scene from the Tuileries gardens both enchanting and creepy, like a good old fashioned children's tale.

That dodge and burn post is coming up very very soon, and after that, the complete portrait retouch workflow, so stay tuned.


michelle said...

Ooh, I like several of these, but the jumbled letters one makes my heart go pitter-pat! I think I found my new desktop.

Alex said...

amen! I really like the letters as well, it goes well with what you were saying in class about how a photographer takes chaos and brings order.
The windshield is a close second... can he even see over that stuff!? :)

ladyvet said...

Hi Marc. I'm pretty sure you're my cousin. (Your dad is my Uncle Lou.) I saw a link for your blog on Lisa's Facebook. I'm fascinated by your photos and have downloaded the carousel for my desktop. Everyone stops and admires it.


marc said...

Very cool to make the connection and glad you like the photo! Shows what a mystery that whole side of my family has been.

Adrienne said...

ooOo Thanks for the new desktop, it has been long overdue! I used the letters, helps that the A is the biggest front letter! :D

megan said...

Very cool! I especially love the graffiti shot. Where did you take that one?

marc said...

The graffiti shot is on the line 6 (around Covisart, I think) in a neighborhood with streets named after famous photogrpahers (like Atget and Brassaï)

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