Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas light bokeh freebies

Hey! I forgot that I once put up a "freebies" gallery that includes some cool Christmas light bokeh photos like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and....nope, that's all.

Go download them from the gallery at full resolution. Ignore the "buy" button (see screenshot below) and click that little download arrow that's in between the wrench icon and the info icon to get a nice BIG jpg file (like, over 20 mb). You can use the files any way you want except to straight-up redistribute them ('cause, come on, make your own if you wanna do that).

You can use them as backgrounds, overlays, desktop backgrounds, or just stare at them without blinking as you try to replicate their patterns in the haze of your vaping—on second thought, don't do that last one. 

But I want to make my own cool bokeh photos, you say, but I don't know how.

Well, here's the quickest tutorial ever:

1. Find some Christmas lights.
2. Set the focus to "manual" instead of automatic
3. Unfocus until things get super blurry.
4. Take that blurry photo, check it out, adjust your amount of blur and try again if you're not happy with the result.

Your bokeh might vary according to the quality of your lens.


sarah arum said...
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Lestari Alamku said...
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darda said...
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Jake Santiego said...
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Townsend said...

Hi Marc

I have only just come across you after having a chat with a friend about family tree templates and doing a Google search. Last week I paid for a pile of photo templates but the instructions for use were appalling which was in complete contrast to your quite brilliant tutorial on how to use your family tree template. You appear to be a pure, natural communicator and I wish you well when you eventually try to monetise all the hard work in your blog. One thing, and bear in mind that I am not very tech-savy. In one of your older posts you mention a desire for more subscribers and ask people to go to the top right of your sidebar where it is possible to press a subscribe button. I could not find it. Am I blind, or just plain stupid? I would like to be a subscriber and be aware of what you are posting.

From a middle aged picture framer in the middle of Ireland


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