Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Favorite Things" Altered Rolodex of Photos


plus this...stock photo of vintage Rolodex (hence, does not fall under my liberal "feel free to use my photos" policy)

=a really cool project.

Months ago, when I decided that November would be still life month, I had the idea of doing an altered Rolodex of gratitude (for Thanksgiving) as a holiday project. Well, two days ago Michelle informed me that some scrapbooking maven (I can't remember her name) just proposed the same project on her site. Had I done this post earlier, I wouldn't have felt scooped. Oh well. Apparently, this other project uses those fancier vertical knock-offs you see at Pottery Barn, but I have nostalgic feelings about the vintage kind. I think it's more fun to flip through a traditional Rolodex—especially for kids. If you can find a vintage rolodex at a thrift store, it has great retro charm.

Here is what I had imagined for a gratitude/favorite things Rolodex project:
  • Give each kid (family member, roommate, etc.) the assignment to photograph their favorite things (i.e. foods, toys, friends, etc.).
  • Label the tab dividers so that instead of A-Z, you have one section per participant.
  • Get your photos printed, crop to fit the cards, and either glue them on or use the photos themselves as cards.
  • If you have the patience, you can use a stock photo of a rolodex card, Photoshop to fit (using clipping masks), print at the correct size on cardstock, and then cut them out.
  • Keep your rolodex out: the cards just beg to be flipped.
A great Valentine (or anytime) variation:
Do a "things I like about you" or "let me count the ways" photo rolodex. Who wouldn't like that?