Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea: Photo Recipe Cards

Here's a gift idea that combines food and photography—something I love to do here at "take-out photo." When we did the text + photo monthly special in September, you may remember that I did a "starter" on adding text to a photo. Well, Michelle's answer to the challenge was a mouth-watering photo recipe card. I immediately thought about how great it would be to do a recipe box that combined beautiful photography with the recipes. Sure, you can try to do your own cookbook with photos, but there is something appealing and timeless about cards.

Here's a sample that my way-talented photographer-assistant Lucy did:

It sure beats the standard hand-written recipe card, and you can print as many as you like. If it sounds like something you want to try, here are some tips:
  • Stick to short and simple recipes. Longer ones won't fit on one card, and most people are more likely to use and appreciate quick favorites.
  • Recipe card boxes that hold 4x6 inch cards are easier to find than the larger 5x7 inch size, but I would recommend a larger size.
  • Photo organizers can just as easily house your photo recipe cards
  • Test print your first card for font size/legibility before making twenty.
  • Find a font that works and stick with it. Too many font changes=cheesy.
  • Do this a little at a time. Whenever you make one of your favorite recipes, photograph it before devouring.
  • Don't fill the entire frame with the food. Leave some space for text.
Hand-made gifts take more time, but this one isn't as bad as it seems. You're cooking already, right?

And if you do it—post and share something for our still life theme this month.