Monday, May 10, 2010

Taking a break for a little bit longer

I need to be on the left side of this photo.

I haven't posted since April 21, making this the longest I have ever gone without a post AND the first "Monthly Special"-free month. That's right. No theme this month. I'm taking a much needed break just to recharge. I will still do a few posts this month, but how many remains to be seen.

I recently signed a contract with Wild Apple—a company in Vermont that looks like a great fit for me in both style and attitude. In addition to art licensing, they do beautiful in-house printing on metal, acrylic and wood. I'm working on getting photos to them. I'll keep you posted and you can tell all your wealthy CEO friends to place massive orders for their companies. What? Don't have wealthy CEO friends looking to buy art? Well, get going. Go make some.

I'll be back posting before long. June is Take-Out Photo's 2-year anniversary, so I'll have to do something fun.