Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still Life on Flickr

1. Still Life with Pop-Tarts and Dirty Toaster, 2. Aula de fotografia - foto Still-life, 3. blood orange still life, 4. "Still" Life, 5. Green fruit still life, 6. Bodegón / Still life 005, 7. still life, 8. still-life-in-a-bath, 9. Just Domestic Still Life Or Somethink More...{nv}, 10. Still Life Class, 11. Simple Lunch Still Life, 2008, 12. Still-life with bottles, leaves, pinecone and marbles on windowsill, 13. Still life of toys, 14. Still life on table, 15. Still Life, 16. Still Life: Work Gloves

Here are some beautiful, delicious, witty, original, and clever examples of still life photography from Flickr. I would love to see some of these people participate in the Monthly Special on still life. As I have said before, I am new to still life. And looking at some of the great work on Flickr makes me want to spend more time working on it. The month is soon ending and I've seen surprisingly few people link back, especially considering this is not a Photoshop challenge (next month, we are returning to Photoshop). But there is still time. Maybe a still life of your Thanksgiving dinner prep?