Thursday, June 26, 2008

A teaser for July's Monthly Special

(Just for eye candy--the fireworks from July 14, as seen from my precarious perch on the rooftop of the apartment where I will be staying)

I will be in Paris for half of July (boo-hoo. poor me, right?) so I'll post the July Monthly Special tomorrow before I leave, with more posts to come from Paris. But before doing so, here's a little teaser...

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this beautiful grid, by architectural photographer Andy Marshall. Check it out for a major clue to the July Monthly Special (and no, it's not more grids). I think his work is great, but he apparently doesn't like to post comments since he never allowed mine (or anyone's?) to be posted. Oh well. In any case, I love it when people post their comments, so please, don't just lurk and leave. Let me know what you're thinking.

One more hint for the upcoming July Special....check out the fortune cookie message at the bottom of my blog (it changes each month).