Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A look at photos within photos around the web

No eye candy? No image in this post? Not on this page, but read on...

I've discovered some interesting work on the internet that fits perfectly with the August Monthly Special. This post will tell you about a few examples, and very soon we will have a guest appearance by a photographer who has done some great work on the photo within a photo theme. But until then...

Jens Windolf, a photographer I found on Flickr, has a series of photos called "Behind the Scenes" that puts together movie stills in unexpected ways. I won't post them here due to his copyright restrictions, but take a look.

5057 Productions ("My reputation is rooted in paradox."--OK, but how about some info when we click on the "About us" tab?) is full of photos within photos. Check it out, scroll down, browse a bit. And you can buy one for between $85 and *cough* *sputter* $10,000.
Or you can do this month's project and make your own.

And here's an idea from my diabolically clever and fiendish arch rival: Photojojo. Um. Mr. Jojo, sir? Could you lend me some of those reported "200,00 subscribers" please? (My Google reader says it's actually a paltry 117,310, but who's counting? I only need 117,286 more to overtake you, so Bwahahaha! Care for a little game of google analytics Risk? chicken?) The charitable thing to do, out of pity for photojojo's impending doom, would be to try their idea on how to use money or record album covers to create a new look . Now why didn't I think of that? (oh, maybe it was because I don't have albums or money)

And finally, I'm dying to make a Digital Picasso. What? Only six people did this great idea??? Maybe I won't feel so bad about the lack of participation in my (*sob* perhaps too postmodern?) monthly special. With all the devices that include cameras and screens these days, I'm sure you can round up a few and try this out. I have yet to see one that rearranges and multiplies parts the way Picasso did. Maybe my resident Picasso fan, Max (now taking a digital photography class in Junior High), will help me create something.