Friday, April 24, 2009


Street photography at night can be challenging, but it's worth a try. One night in Paris a few years ago, I was wandering around with my camera and came across this great scene. Firemen had been called to a café named l'étincelle (that's "spark" in English). Because of the limitations of my camera back then, I had to do a longer exposure which accounts for the blurred movement. It makes the photo more abstract (I have not done any retouching on it), but I think that's why I've always liked it. I have a copy of it on my office wall.

Night photography is another thing to try for this month's "street photography" challenge. Use ambient light to capture the feel of the night. And if you're shy about taking photos out on the street, the anonymity of darkness may work to your advantage. Give it a try and post your results for the "monthly special." So far only three have dared...maybe you could be next.


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