Friday, September 25, 2009

Say what you like but...

I think Dora started it.

That blond can pack a punch, but your kid's favorite bilingual football-head fears nothing.

Talk about unflinching optimism!

Hasta la vista, blondie!

Any reason for this post? No, not really, but if I am to milk some meager pedagogical tidbit out of these purely cathartic photos it would be that realism isn't always your best choice. I gave a cross-processed and highly contrasted look to these photos because—hey!—we are talking about a fight with a cartoon figure here. I admit, I was tempted to give it a gritty black and white Raging Bull feel, but then I would have had to call it "Raving Bull" and then you would just want to hit me.


Unknown said...

I love this processing. Kinda 'filmy' look to it.
Nice set. Funny :)

Dani said...

Haha, M. Olivier, this is fantastic. Gotta love Dora! Is she popular in France, too? Doesn't that make her tri-lingual or something?

michelle said...

Unflinching optimism is right!