Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desktop makeover

Crap! It's nearly 3 a.m. and I was going to kick back and watch guilty pleasure "Heroes" on TV (I know it's never regained its season 1 vibe, but oh well...).

Instead, I got distracted (I tend to do that) and sorted through my 2009 Paris photos looking for something to replace my desktop wallpaper (a way too old Daft Punk graphic). Then, I thought "Hey! Since I'm still not ready for that dodge and burn post, maybe I should do a "list" post of possible desktop photos and make the post less lame by giving away my possible choices." Seems quick enough, right? Could have been, had I not chosen 72 contenders.

I'll put some of them up tomorrow once I check how this size works on my desktop. The photo at the top of the post an Abelardo Morell-inspired shot from inside the Louvre. I put it on my desktop and it immediately demanded that I clean up that mess. I tidied up a bit and at least dragged everything off his face, but now he seems to be staring disapprovingly at the items hovering over the white space. You can view it at the 1680 x 1050 px size that I used on my desktop and then download it by right-clicking from my Smugmug site if you think you can handle the constant scrutiny.

I don't think I can. At least not at 3 a.m.


michelle said...

Huh. I'm pretty sure I can't handle the constant scrutiny. I like to idea of having a new desktop, however!