Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the winners are...

First, here is how the winners were chosen:

My son, Max, wanted to write a computer program to randomly select the winner. I told him that it wasn't necessary because there are randomizers on the internet. Later that day, he said "So when do you want me to write that program?" So I let him write the program.

We first plugged in those who had done the posts—the $80 winner.

And the winner of the $80 credit is: Marcel

We then plugged in the comments in the non-blog post category, eliminating the accidental doubles and including the few comments that were non-post comments placed on the post comments side. Confusing? Well, trust me, we made sure it was fair.

And the winner of the $40 credit is: Jill

I will email credit codes and instructions on how to use them.
Congratulations! And thank you to all of you for commenting.

Didn't win and still wanting a photo or two? Through the end of this month you can use the coupon code "takeoutphoto" in step 3 of checkout for 15% off your entire order.


Michelle said...

Max being able to write a computer program is the same as if you said he can walk on the ceiling....unbelievable!

Michelle said...
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