Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gift ideas for the photographer in your life

Starting now and through the holiday season, I'll do some short posts on photography-related gift ideas. I don't accept advertising, so any products/services I recommend are my actual preferences.

Today's favorite: online training.

I'm lucky enough that my work purchased licenses for this summer. I had always wanted to try their tutorials, and now that I have tried them I couldn't be happier. In principle, I'm not a big fan of video tutorials because it's harder to stop/repeat/let your mind wander for a minute with a video. But the tutorials on are the best I've seen. "But I can get tutorials on Youtube," you say. True, but it's a lot harder to find good ones. What you get at is consistency and a vast library of resources—not just on Photoshop, but on a host of applications.

So for your own personal wish list or for a gift, consider a subscription. One month for $25 or an entire year for $250.

Here's a blurb from the sites press release:

About is the most popular computer-skill educational site online, offering tens of thousands of straightforward, comprehensive instructional videos. The website offers a subscription-based service called the Online Training Library®, as well as CD- and DVD-based video training spanning hundreds of courses and thousands of topics that provide computer and technology skills. The Online Training Library® is also available via the free iPhone App.
From professional software tools including Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Logic, Illustrator and Office, to consumer-friendly education about digital photography, Web design, digital video, and many others,’s all-star team of trainers and teachers provides comprehensive and unbiased video-based training to a global membership of tens of thousands of subscribers. Members have access to over 53,000 movies in the Online Training Library®, and non-members can sample thousands of training tutorials for free. Learn more at


Jesse Hurlbut said...

I started studying the Lynda tutorials this summer and am amazed at the quality. I have learned a lot of new tricks about programs I use every day.

I also like that there's a search function that scans the transcripts of each video, so if you are looking for tips on using a particular menu item or function in Photoshop, you can search for it and it will pull up all the videos that mention it.


Wanda said...

Thank you Marc. I think I may get lost and never to be found again at
See ya!