Monday, August 1, 2011

F-Stop Magazine "Relations"

Three of my photos are in August/September issue of  F-Stop Magazine  under the Group Exhibition "Relations" section. Here are the ones that were accepted:


Trickle-down economics

A flea-market encounter
A few things I really like about F-Stop Magazine and my experience with the submission process:
1. Free entry
2. There is a clear editorial voice in the selection process. I don't mean to criticize other online photo magazines, but I sometimes feel like photo communities/magazines can take the focus away from the photos and make it more about getting lots of followers and playing networking games. Yes, there is an argument to be made for broad popular appeal, but it also nice to have a more direct editorial assessment that is completely divorced from the "followers" game.
3. F-Stop keeps an ongoing list of calls for submissions and other photography news on their home page. This is a great way to find new "epic fail" opportunities. I have found two calls for entries there that I plan on doing within the next two weeks.

If you want to submit to the October/November issue, here's the basic info (find complete details here):


ISSUE #49: Portfolio Issue - October/November 2011

Issue #49 is a Portfolio Issue.
Submit a complete body of work (12-20 images) along with your artist statement following the guidelines below.
Images must be received by September 15, 2011. Issue #49 will have an expected publication date of October 1, 2010. Only one submission per person for an issue.


michelle said...

Congrats on failing to fail!

Jill said...

These are great photos! Did you stage the top photo or did it just happen?

marc said...

It just happened. I just stood there waiting for people to walk by and got lucky.

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