Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moo cards promo + a random cow video

I don't do ads on my blog, but I had to send some love to Moo.com because I love their products. I bought a few hundred minicards (as in the pic at top—via Moo, not mine) when I first started my blog. I like that you can have different photo on every single card if you want. I chose about 30 different photos and carried cards on my key chain (in a little case they sell) to give to people. It always fun to pull out several different photos and let someone choose which one they like best. I was pimping my blog like nobody's business back in the day when my friend Corry and I were playing google analytics risk. The idea was to try to get the most hits possible and the moo minicards gave me an extra edge. I still haven't conquered the world (thanks a lot, sub-Saharan Africa and Greenland), but Corry has admitted defeat.

Now here's the dumb thing: I have never used Moo cards (mini or regular business size) to promote my business. I'm really good at promoting things that don't earn me a cent, but not so great at self-promo. I soon plan to change that, however, by upgrading my business cards to moo.

Imagine putting different styles of photography (art, wedding, engagement, portrait, etc.) on different cards and handing the appropriate card to the potential client. Way more effective than just a plain old white card with a url, right? So, that's my plan. The other part of my plan: do this promo that gets you a 10% discount and gets me some kind of credit (I'm honestly not sure how much). A win-win.

enough promo. and now for a random cow video:


Anne said...

"I still haven't conquered the world (thanks a lot, sub-Saharan Africa..."

I'm actually reading from Sub-Saharan Africa (Guinea to be precise), but my IP address shows up as basically everywhere but here. Sorry to let you down. :(

marc said...

Ha! That is too funny. Now I guess I'll have to blame it on Greenland and Yemen.

Jesse Hurlbut said...

Best cow video I've seen all day!