Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just finished "reading" a Saul Leiter book and....

London Café, 2009. Marc Olivier (definitely not Saul Leiter)

...well,  do you ever see something inspired and it just makes you want to create—almost as a form of applause? After I finished going through Saul Leiter's Early Color, which has got to be one of my top 10 favorite photo books, I had to look on my computer and see if I had anything with that sort of moody, urban, color-drenched, reflective, ghost-of-a-human-presence feel. This late-night photo of a London café is the best I could come up with at 2 a.m. I put it here not because I think it's particularly great, but because it's my way of wrapping up a great read of a beautiful photobook. I suppose it's also an example of "ex post facto influence"—the term I've decided to give that phenomenon where a current influence helps you appreciate a photo you had previously overlooked. In this case, I suddenly appreciate those shadowy figures passing by the doors at the back of the image. So, there's my humble applause.