Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not-Instagram photos from Boston

As a photoblogger, I feel like I should have immediately jumped on the media circus train about Facebook's billion dollar deal (or $1.23 billion) to acquire Instagram. I've never used Instagram, so I'm not even sure how it works as far as the social network part goes, but like most people, I am well acquainted with that faux-vintage Instagram look. More often than not, serious photographers roll their eyes at it (one comment I read called it "kitsch at the push of a button"), but when I was going through some of my Boston photos late last night, I decided to cook up my own Instagram-inspired recipe which will no doubt horrify purists. So, for tonight, here are some scenes from the little bit of time I was able to wander around Boston. Next time, some thoughts on Instagram's place in the history of snapshot photography.

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Jill said...

Great photos Marc!

michelle said...

These look much too crisp to me to be Instagram, and they are really great.

Groupdmt said...

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