Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Street Photography to Postcard

Across from the Pompidou center in Paris
"Unabashed commerciality. Shameless optimism." That was my goal for 2012. So when I walked by a shop around Les Halles on my way to a movie and saw my photos on the postcard rack, I was pretty excited. I heard back in February that a German company wanted to use two of my dog photos for their postcard line, but I didn't really think they'd be out so soon.

2.50 (and that's euros!) for one card! yikes! And to think that I earn a whopping 4 centimes per card. So maybe I'd be able to buy a baguette if someone bought the whole rack? I guess we'll see over time. I was very impressed with the quality of the cards (nice printing, very heavy matte stock) and I had to buy one of each to commemorate the occasion.

Although someone might think that the photos are staged, they are not, which makes it more (dare I use the term "authentic"?), um, real. In the one of the sheepdog sticking out the back of a smart car, I obviously photoshopped the licence plate (I also changed "smart" to "art"), but the scene is from everyday life. The one with the dog holding a baguette (it's actually a campaillette, if you want to be picky) comes from one morning when I was specifically out looking to take photos of Parisian dogs. It was early in the morning and I followed an old lady to the boulangerie (does that sound creepy?). When she came out with the bread, she let the dog carry it home. It was too perfect! It's part of her daily routine. I asked if I could take a photo (I had to get down at dog level right in front of the dog, so this isn't exactly stealth photography) and she was apologetic about the dog's mangy fur, but happy to oblige. My favorite detail is the hint of the woman's sensible shoes and the ruffle of her dress. It's fun to see a moment I still remember so vividly now sitting in racks of postcards waiting for tourists buy them. 


Jill said...

Congratulations, this is the coolest thing ever, I'm so glad you discovered the cards in the shop rather than being told they were there!

michelle said...

What a happy discovery!! Seriously cool.

Your royalties seem even more ridiculous now that I know what they're selling for, however.

alyssa said...


Unknown said...

Marc! That is so incredible. I am excited for you. I would definitely buy one if I saw it in a rack near me!

john smith said...

Yes, I am in my place in KL now, hence I can resume my blogging activities as usual. Do expect more Kuching-related entries to come soon.