Monday, February 25, 2013

Can we please just stop with the heart hands already?

Source: via Marc on Pinterest

I repinned the above photo to my pinboard "all in good fun"—the board devoted to gently mocking popular pins that I find amusing. Here was my caption:

Doctor: I'm sorry to inform you that your baby has been born with heart hands. 
Mother: But I only did heart hands one time for that maternity photo, I swear! 
Doctor: One time is one time too many.

In spite of my mockery, the photo was then repinned 412 times at last count onto boards like "cute picture ideas." So even though I have had enough of heart hands in all their various iterations, clearly the rest of the world has not.



Carole said...

One of many things that I feel is overdone (and visiting Pinterest only shows me many more). lol

Funny that the picture was repinned so many times. I won't be doing it. Promise.

Nichole said...

Isn't it cute. This kiddo is already showing that when he grows up, photography will be a part of his life as even when he is sleeping, he can do a pose. When you have this talent all you need is a great camera.

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