Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Le retour...

Bastille Day is as good a day as any to start posting again. And so, in honor of the French national holiday, a few photos of Paris from my recent "Circular" series. The series is inspired by the circular snapshots made from the 1888 Kodak No. 1 cameras. Rather than replicate the vintage look with sepia, I wanted to do a crisp black and white. The photos are on a square white background because 1. it looks great to have that white space and 2. who has a circular frame? They look extra cool printed high gloss on metal. Check out the full gallery on olivierphotography.com, where you have loads of size and print material options.

Blatant self promotion? Of course. Unlike so many web sites, I don't run ads all over my page. I had a brief experiment with affiliate links at one point, but decided to abandon even that. However, as my views inch closer to 1 million, I can't help but think what role my lack of "monetization" may have played in the waning number of posts over the years. Hence, my return to posting will no doubt be accompanied by a few invitations for you to visit some of my Paris galleries the next time you're hunting for a gift:

There are other images to check out in the gallery, and more will be added in the future. My favorite is a grid of nine circular photos. Any of prints can be any (sqaure) size, from 5"x5" to 40"x40".


Renee Yurovsky said...

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