Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wrapping up our October "Dots" theme: another IKEA idea

This simple IKEA-based idea is in honor of the October Monthly Special. I haven't had time to do this one myself, but I wanted to suggest it before the month ends. If you have done a dots grid and want to recreate it as an art statement/storage device, just get yourself enough grundtal round magnetic containers ($4.99 for a pack of 3) to recreate your dot grid....
and put a photo (or colored paper) under each glass cover to form your "dots". You can crop your photos in Photoshop (the web site claims the diameter is 3 3/4", but it wouldn't hurt to measure) or you can print 4x6 photos and crop by hand.

Since the containers are magnetic, you can arrange them on a "Spontan"...
or a "Bits"...
or your refrigerator or anything else a magnet sticks to.

Your magnetic dot grid will be both attractive and practical (good qualities in humans and objects alike, if you ask me). For a craft room or an office, it would make a good piece of storage art. The style could range from modern minimalism to glam and girly depending on your design.

And for Christmas, you can make a very bold advent calendar (you would have to come up with a larger surface), you could alter 25 grundtal containers. Too many? Maybe a "12 days of Christmas" thing might be better.

Other variations and ideas? Please add your comments.

Meanwhile, there's still time to do the October Special.