Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Monthly Special: Foreground

After spending a month (that seemed to fly by) on "Background," it seems only right to look at foreground this month. I am defining "foreground" very broadly as anything situated in the front of your image.

At first, this theme may appear more difficult than "background." How often do we put things in front of our main subject anyway? In the candid (above) that I took of Eva at a playground, the foreground serves as a frame that both hides and reveals her face. But are we really going to do a month of people peaking through things? No.

If you look back at the interview I did with Elaine, you will see that the relation between foreground and background plays a major role in at least three of the photos (the poles that frame the boy in the mist, the poster in "Rrrrr," the letters in "Grand Ecran"...). Attention to foreground adds depth to photos. The relation between the foreground and the background can tell a story, it can make a statement, it can add humor...In short, the foreground can have at least as much impact as the background.

So why not give it a try. Experiment with foreground this month, post your results, and come back here to post your link and share your work.