Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PMA 2009 International Convention and Trade Show

I'm in Las Vegas this week at the Professional Media Association conference, so I thought it might be fun to give you a taste of the trade show. I will do more posts throughout the week, but here are some first impressions:

It seems like the point and shoot digital market is all about putting cameras in a fish tank. Great news if your name is Ariel or Aquaman! Pretty much every brand has got cameras that are dust- and water-proof. The one by Panasonic (above) shoots stills and HD video.

The PMA embraces diversity. Gay Ken dolls take a stroll in an "It's a small world"-esque diorama. A couple of provincial sled dogs look on with curiosity, but the fishing bear exhibits a tolerant insouciance. What the—? you say. Indeed. Some marketing genius (perhaps a 6 year-old girl?) decided that a tacky toy pastiche would be just the thing to promote their line-up of cameras.

I haven't been to Vegas in many years (possibly because I don't drink or gamble), so here are a few photo impressions taken tonight at TI:

The empty drink sitting alone a slot machine just says "Vegas" to me.

Two more variations on the drinking and gambling theme: