Friday, July 17, 2009

The body and things directly attached to it...

Eva with her "nibbley blankie"

Trying to clean up my hard drive and found this photo of cuddled up to what she calls her "nibbley blankie." We bought an identical one as soon as we knew how attached she was to it, but that one remains pristine, pink, and neglected while this one apparently gets better as it gets more ragged and dingy.

This is pushing my definition of "fragmentary portraiture," but I will argue that it fits into "the body and things directly attached to it" part of the definition.

Think about ways to portray someone through something that is always attached to their body. A piercing? a ring? a pencil they keep behind their ear? a name tag they have to wear at work every day? Try it and post your results.


Mister Linky said...
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michelle said...

I love it! You can definitely make the argument that her blankie is attached to her body. Plus, it's a great shot of her cute little legs and feet.

Unknown said...

There is a wonderful Israeli photographer by the name Vardi Cahana. She mainly does portraits, and on of her most famous ones, is a Knesset member Avram Burg. She took a portrait of his face, with a twist - It only shows the back of his head. But his Kippah is so recognizable, that for the Israeli public, even the back of his head is enough.
So, good photo can be of just a body part, but it needs to be clear and recognizable enough to portray the person.
I couldn't find a direct link to the photo, but you can see it here - - click the 10th photo from above, in the right column.