Friday, July 24, 2009

Dancing feet

My sons and I looked like paparazzi today at the "So you think you can dance?" auditions in Salt Lake City—at least that's what the publicist and security guys seemed to think. We were respectful of the request not to photograph Cat Deeley even though she's my favorite 12-foot glamazonion TV goddess AND even though I'm quite certain (thanks to my regular reading of the Photo Attorney blog) that anything in public (such as a bunch of fame-hungry dancers in a line) is fair game. Even the mother of a a jazz belly dancer (what the?) was asked not to take photos of her daughter being interviewed. That's taking it a bit too far.

But my boys and I hadn't come there to take paparazzi photos anyway. I was more interested in doing some fragmentary portraiture of dancers' feet.

The dancers were all so friendly. The boy with the amazing turnout in the blue Nikes told me he made it to Vegas last year. Maybe he'll go to Hollywood this time.

I couldn't resist a shot of these dancing feet.

The proud owner of these feet is already on the "hot tamale train."

Call me crazy, but I'm not sure that flip-flops are the best choice for ballroom dancing.


Unknown said...

Legs are sexy.
You can tell much of a person looking a his legs/feet.
Is he/she fashionable? Sporty? Even sloppy?

michelle said...

These are great shots! I always find foot photos to be interesting. Did you appoint yourself as a stand-in for Mary Murphy?

Sean said...

Your blog is really great, and thank you for sharing your skill. Alot of respect for this and your photographs!

marc said...

@Sean: Thanks for your kind comment. Glad you like the blog and I hope to hear more from you in the future.