Thursday, November 26, 2009

When plain old photos just aren't good enough...

I saved the strangest ideas from Paris Photo for last.

If you want a creepy portrait of a friend or family member, why not just have them sit still for a video and then dedicate a framed monitor to your masterpiece? Because we're not at Hogwarts, that's why.

Don't know what to do with that old photo of your great great uncle Tobias? I hear embroidery floss adds zing when your Bedazzler has run out of rhinestones.

Covering a photo in semi-opaque cloth can serve as a socio-political commentary on the veil in contemporary Iran or it can just be a good way to use up that extra bolt of fabric in your sewing room.

Who says the glass over your framed photo needs to remain clear? Tell Windex and their neatnik cronies where to go. Fight the power in the comfort of your living room with some acrylic craft pens and some free association graffiti.

One example of the altered glass approach that I actually loved (but no pic, sorry) was a photo of a plain wall with graffiti tags sprayed all over the inside of the glass.

In spite of my mocking commentary, I do like how the examples above make me consider alternatives to the traditional framed photo.

What do you think? Ever done anything unconventional with photo presentation?


Jill said...

The framed video monitor is oh so creepy, as is the embroidery floss covered painting...ew.

michelle said...

Those are creepy. Except the last one, it has potential!