Saturday, July 31, 2010

For Lucy...

Dear sensitive viewer: that black writing on her arm isn't what it looks like—or so we can pretend.

I was walking by the place today where Lucy took one of the photos you can see in her interview. The graffiti wasn't interesting or colorful, but the scummy fountain basin was filled with water that looked like toxic waste, complete with a dead pigeon floating in it (mercifully not photographed in spite of my hatred of those flying rats). Skate punks were doing their thing (badly, I might add) and they were replaced by fire breathers at night. The point of all of this? None.


Lucy Call Photography said...

Oh my, this made me laugh. I was rather confused when I saw the heading, then I saw the photo and it all made sense. I can't believe that there was a dead pigeon in the water. Nice post. Gave me a good laugh.

Mark said...

Oh, I get it, you're funny too!
Well look at you, you got it all!
Your Friend, m.