Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interview with Lucy Call

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you may have heard of Lucy. She has been working with me for almost as long as I've had my blog. Before she moves on to pursue her photography career, I wanted to share some of her amazing work with you. Rather than an interview with a particular theme, I have simply asked Lucy to comment on some of her work. As you will see, Lucy pays close attention to detail and her photos are never detached or overstated. Her vision always contains a strong personal undercurrent.

The following are Lucy's comments:

I chose this photo for a few reasons. I love photographing women and this photo has an elegant feel that I love because of the model, styling and lighting.

This is one of my favorite photos for a couple of reasons. I remember while I was taking the photo, I was getting so obsessed with every little detail. I think my model was going insane because of it. But in the end, I think it paid off and it has the elegant feel that I was hoping to accomplish. I also really love this photo because of the necklace. It was my great grandmother’s and it was given to my mom. I remember when I was little that I always wanted to wear it while playing “dress ups” and on rare occasions, my mom let me get it out of the box and wear it.

This photo is a part of a series that I have been working on for a while now. I have always thought that Bob Dylan’s lyrics are very narrative and while I listen to his songs, I get such a vivid picture of what he is singing about. So I decided to take lyrics where he sings about women and make photo illustrations of them. This particular one is from I Shall be Free No. 10. I like this photo because I often have a pre-visualization of what I want a photo to look like and this photo came out exactly how I visualized it.

I honestly don’t have a super exciting reason for liking this photo. One of my favorite things to do is to wander around places like the one seen in this photo and explore and take pictures. That’s exactly what I did this day. So I guess I like this photo because it embodies the feeling from those adventures.

This will probably always be one of my favorite photos, not because I think it is an amazing photo or anything like that. I actually took it with super cheap film and knew very little about photography at the time. The reason I love this photo is because of the memories that I have from this particular day. I took this photo while on a study abroad in France. I was wandering around the city by myself when I came upon these guys doing graffiti at this museum and I wanted to take photos of them so badly. This was the first time that I mustered up the courage to ask someone in my very pathetic sounding French to take their photo. I was pretty proud of myself that they agreed and could actually understand me.

The reason I love this photo is simply for the memories surrounding this place. My dad has repeatedly told the story, and will probably continue to do so, about how when he was little he hid behind the Lotus Café after leaving school early because his teacher got mad at him. The only time I actually ate there my grandma kept going on about how amazing the egg drop soup was. It was alright.

The photo means a lot more to me now than when I took it because the café will soon be torn down to make a parking lot. So I am really happy that I have this photo.

I took both of these photos while I was in China. I love these photos because of the amazing beauty that I was able to experience while there. I was so blown away by the ways that the Chinese people incorporated their houses and rice patties together in their villages. I love the second one of the two because it gives a feel of the entire village.

You can follow Lucy's blog to keep up with her and her work.


Unknown said...

I loved everything about this.

Mark said...

The washing machine one was my favorite mostly because of the colors used for the photo. Those green machines kill me. And even though this is the first that I am reading the lyrics to this song, she did match it perfectly. If there was a Dylan fan looking at that picture, minus the words on it, he would immediately think of that song.
Lucy, great job!
Marc's Friend, m.

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