Friday, October 12, 2012

Triangular Desire: A Portrait Posing Tip

In 2009, I did a "Composition 101" post that used album covers to demonstrate how strong diagonal lines impact photos. Today, I want to show how every hipster's favorite shape—the triangle—can create stunning portraits.  Look for the triangles in the gorgeous portraits below for inspiration on your next shoot:

Rodney Smith

Maria Callas (c) Cecil Beaton, 1957

Reese Witherspoon. Photography by Michael Thompson

Jeanloup Sieff

Ida Wyman, Girl with Curlers, 1949

“Butterfly Boy” (1949) by Jerome Liebling.

(I'm not sure who did this portrait of Bowie)

August Sander

Loretta Lux
Source: via Marc on Pinterest

Alberto Giacometti (by Irving Penn)Source: via Marc on Pinterest