Friday, November 2, 2012

Take-Out Photo texture toolbox

An extremely quick texture project with two textures from the Take-Out Photo toolbox

This isn't a full-on tutorial, but I wanted to show you how quick and easy it is to play with texture.
I opened a photo...

I converted it to black and white...

I took one of my new textures from the Take-Out Toolbox and pasted it in a new layer on top of the photo, with the blending mode set to soft-light (I lowered to opacity just because I felt like it).

I decided that I liked the sepia that was created by the overlay...

but for reasons I won't get into in detail right now, I decided to sample the color, create a new layer, and use that layer as a soft light overlay to get the effect. This left me free to desaturate the texture layer and then brush it out on a section of the skin without changing the color. In my layers palette, you can see what I ended up with:

 Below, you can see (in red) the area that I masked out on the texture layer (the middle layer in the screen shot above).

Then, I decided to add one more layer of texture, make some adjustments on it, and mask out some of it. You can get an idea of what I did from this screenshot of my final layers palette:

This is the first texture layer that I added. It comes from the paper used to separate pictures in a pack of photos circa 1920 that I bought at my favorite Paris flea market.

The second layer of texture also comes from the flea market, but it is from an actual sheet of film that was never exposed, except by light leaks over time.

I'm selling those an others (many more to be added soon) on my new Take-Out Toolbox gallery. You buy them for personal or commercial use (see details on the site) for a really great deal. Check them out.

You'll get the full story behind the new Take-Out Toolbox in my next post.

update: So, I got home, looked at the post on a smaller screen, and realized that it's hard to see the texture. Here's a more detailed screenshot to better show you:

Looking at the background, you'd never know that I just took the photo in their backyard. Here'a another detail screenshot: